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About This E-Book:


I designed this program to literally be done anywhere. I have talked to hundreds of people that only have a pair of dumbbells and their body weight, but they still want to get in the best shape of their life! And for me, fitness is something that should be affordable and achievable no matter what resources or equipment you have. That is exactly why  I created this. For all the people who want to look great, feel great and perform great with MINIMAL equipment.

These are not your average minimal equipment workouts, these are hard. They will burn a ton of fat, increase lean muscle mass & have you loving what you see in the mirror. 

Sample Workout: 

3 rounds: SWEAT

Superman Back Ext. x 10

Hand Release Push Ups x 10

Bodyweight Squats x 10


5 Rounds: T-Bone Steak

Goblet Hold Reverse Lunges x 20 total (10/10)

Dumbbell Kickstand RDLs x 20 total (10/10)

Yoga Push Ups x 10


Breather: 7 reps down to 1 rep

Dumbbell Snatches


*perform 7 snatches on each arm, 7 burpees, then 6 and 6, then 5 and 5 all the way down to 1*


2 Rounds: Core

Hollow Holds x 60 seconds

Dynamic Plank Switches x 60 seconds

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