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Step Your Way To More Fat Loss

How can taking more steps in a day improve fat loss?

Well, it really comes down to N.E.A.T.

NEAT stands for (non exercise activ

ity thermogenesis) or all of the stuff you do OUTSIDE of the gym that burns calories.

Walking the dog.

Doing dishes.

Cutting the grass.

Cleaning the house.

That is NEAT.

So does NEAT help

with fat loss?

Absolutely! The more you move , the more calories you burn.

Fat loss really comes down to burning more calories than you are consuming. Calories in < calories out ( or burned) = fat loss 👍🏼

Incorporating more NEAT is another way to burn calories without hitting another workout.

Why is it important?

You see your body doesn’t want to lose fat. So when you go into a calorie deficit your body will do whatever it

can to hold onto fat.

Setting a daily NEAT (step) g

oal can h

elp overcome this.

When you are in a deficit the body will restrict the amount of energy you expend. Without being aware of it you will start to move less and less.

Forcing yourself to move more can help fight against the subconscious reduction in movement you experience when dieting.

This is why I talk about a STEP GOAL of 8k-10k+ / day.

If you are new to a daily movement target, start with 6k & If you are someone who’s been steppin’ for awhile, shoot for 11k+ !

Either way, if you are someone who is currently dieting or just looking to keep a healthy body composition, N.E.A.T can help you make consistent progress.

Some easy ways to improve your NEAT:

  1. When going to the store, pick parking spots that are furthest away from the entrance

  2. Desk Jockey? Ask your employer for a stand up desk! (this has worked for a lot of my online coaching client)

  1. Set reminders every 1 hour to get up and move around

  2. Use your lunch breaks at work to get outside and walk

  3. Start and end your day with walks outside

  4. When exercising, choose movements that require you to stand rather than sit


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