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About This E-Book:


Think you can't get ripped with just a kettlebell? You better think again. Kettlebells is more than just a program full of swings and snatches. These are constantly varied workouts using your bodyweight and kettlebell to build lean, stronger and athletic looking bodies. 

This program is for anyone who is looking to get in shape while at home, or mix things up from the traditional barbell workouts. Kettlebells are a fantastic tool to learn and a great option for busy adults looking to gain lean muscle but also look and feel better naked! 

Kettlebells is a mixture of AMRAPs, EMOMs, and much more designed to build you a body that you love.

Sample Workout: 

EMOM X 10 MINUTES – both in the same minute
12 Single arm KB swings (switch every other minute)
12 Air Squats

Rest 5 minutes

EMOM x 10 MINUTES – both in the same minute
8 KB Suitcase Deadlifts (switch sides every other minute)
12 push ups

400 meter suitcase or farmers carry

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